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Clothing Rack Earring Hanger 3.0 Assembly

Please read before using your Clothing Rack Earring Hanger 3.0! The hanger is simple to assemble and disassemble but must be done in specific steps to avoid accidental damage. If there is any resistance during assembly, do not use force, and if any of the pieces of your hanger set become damaged please email and we will happily replace any needed parts!

*Assembly is easiest on a flat surface.

Step 1:

Insert the top bar at an upward angle into the hole on one side frame. Then adjust the top bar so that it locks into the side frame at a right angle. Note a small notch on the end of the top bar which must sit in the small hole under the slot in the side frame. This works as a locking mechanism. Do not push the top bar further than 90 degrees.

Hold the top bar and side frame in one hand, and insert the other end of the top bar into the remaining side frame at the same upward angle, rotating until at a right angle. Again, do not push top bar further than 90 degrees.


Step 2:

Insert the tabs of the bottom piece into the notches of the side frames, 1 end at a time.


Step 3:

Insert each stud rail all the way through the side frames, aligning both slots before pushing down to lock the entire frame together


Step 4:

Your Clothing Rack Earring Hanger 3.0 is now assembled! You can now place the 12 individual hangers onto the top bar and hang up your collection! Note: Do not pick up the hanger by the top bar. Instead, use the 2 side frame pieces when moving the hanger around.

*To disassemble, do all steps backward. Move stud rails upward to unlock them, then slide through the side frames. Remove bottom piece, then one at a time, tip the side frames at an angle to the top bar to unlock it, then remove.

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