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Clothing Rack Lash Hanger - Stormy Purple Grey

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*Limit 1 set per customer

This has got to be my favorite invention and design yet! Who else has too many false lashes and no where to put them? Who else's lash gets stuck to their desk or floor, and scares them later because it looks like a spider? Who else is SICK of having all those individual boxes of lashes sitting around? Well the Clothing Rack Lash Hanger is for you! This adorable little set is perfect for storing your favorite lashes so they're always easily available right on your desk, without all the clutter! 


Need to store magnetic lashes? Just draw a line on the hanger with the magnetic liner and stick them right on!

An easy way to label the lashes is to use whiteboard marker on the back of the hanger :) It will come right off with a wipe when you need to relabel or clean it!

Frame Dimensions: 5.5"x5"

Number of hangers per set: 10

Please read:

When your set arrives, there will be masking on one side of each piece! This is to protect the material in transit, and it peels off easily with fingers or tweezers!

The stand part of the rack comes in 3 pieces (1 body + 2 feet) that slide into each other to stand up. Since this rack is designed to come apart for easy transport and pack flat for storage, the feet do not stay latched in and the stand will have a slight wobble. This does not effect the function of the product and it will stand stable and perform the same, I personally don’t glue mine and they are still very sturdy! If you’d like the stand to have no wobble at all the feet can very easily be glued onto the body of the rack however, it will not pack flat again if glued so it is up to the purchaser and their preference :)

Please treat hangers with care! The acrylic may snap if dropped on the floor, stepped/sat on, or bent too aggressively. Also, since feet are not glued to the stand, be very careful when transporting.

This product is handmade, and may have slight imperfections - if there is ever an issue with the product you receive, please email and we can help you work it out!

This Clothing Rack Lash Hanger is an original Kikay design created, developed, and manufactured in house! We have not licensed or sold the files for our design so if you see anyone distributing files for or selling physical copies of this product they are stolen designs and made without our permission. We have filed trademarks and patents of this product so if you see anyone stealing it please email so we can address it through the proper channels ❤️

*All items are handmade so please handle them with care as they may break if dropped or stepped on! As well to keep the metals looking fresh and shiny we recommend keeping them away from lotions or oils and giving them a quick wipe after each use :)

Product shots are taken on a DSLR camera in front of a ring light and acrylic can look slightly different in different lightings. So to see a photo shot on a phone camera in indirect lighting please see the secondary photo!

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