Current Processing Time: 1-5 days for earring orders, 1-10 days for Hanger Orders + Shipping Time <3

Frequently Asked Questions

If your order was damaged in transit, we can totally help you replace it! Please send an email to with your issue and order number and we can send you a replacement ASAP :)

Our processing time depends on where we are in our launch schedule. Between launches, our processing time is 1-2 days for orders that only include earrings and other small items, and 1-3 days for orders that include hangers and other large items. 

During a launch/restock (Every third Saturday), we receive an influx of orders, so during the week following that launch our processing time is a bit slower. Expect your package to go out 1-5 days after ordering if your order only includes earrings and other small items, or 1-7 days if your order includes a hanger or other large items.

The estimated shipping time doesn't include processing time! That shipping time only calculates after USPS has received your package, and our processing time is generally 1-3 days. 
Sometimes USPS tracking is inaccurate and updates incorrectly, showing your order to be in a location that doesn't make sense. Not to worry! Usually the package is still correctly on its way to you, and it is just the tracking that is wrong. If the tracking doesn't update in a couple days, or if you don't ever receive your order after several days, please contact us at with your issue and order number and we can help you sort it out!

Sometimes USPS tracking is inaccurate and updates incorrectly, showing your order to be in a location that doesn't make sense. Not to worry! Usually the package is just still on its way and the tracking is wrong. If you don't ever receive your order after a couple of days, please contact us at with your issue and order number and we can send a new order!

If your package never arrives, please contact with your issue and order number and we can help you replace it ASAP!
All of our product photos are taken under a ring light, so there can potentially be differences in the perceived color and brightness of the item depending on the lighting you are looking at it under. There are also certain pairs that use swirly acrylics, or are hand painted - items like these will each be unique, as the nature of the materials and techniques used means that no two pieces could be identical. We like to think that this makes those pairs extra special :)
Yes! We ship to all countries :)
Shipping is calculated at checkout. Generally, domestic orders are between $2-$4 and international orders are between $10-$16
All of our orders are final sale, meaning we do not accept returns. If your item comes damaged we can of course help replace it but otherwise we do not accept returns!
If your order comes damaged, we can either replace it or refund you what you paid for it! Please email with your issue and order number and we can help you proceed.
We release a new collection every 3 weeks along with a restock of some existing styles on Saturdays @12pm PST! Generally a new collection will include between 10-18 new styles with a price range of $12-$32, depending on the complexity of the design.
We try to restock between 15-40 styles each launch cycle, and the quantities we make of each depends on the demand for each item.
We decide on quantities according to demand that we gather from polls on our Instagram account! Check our Instagram story highlights for info on launch polls, where you can show your interest in new designs. This will help us determine how much of each style to produce. Keep in mind that some styles are very complex and in high demand, and in those cases, it is possible that the two of us can't logistically make enough to meet demand. This is why we recommend getting to the launch at 12pm PST sharp in order to increase your chances of getting the styles that you want!
Our launches are on Saturdays at 12pm PST! (We have a launch every 3 weeks)
Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't, it all depends on how we feel! Sometimes the designs align with a particular aesthetic or theme, and sometimes they are all as different as can be! We like to keep things interesting :)
The last call section is where styles that are on their way off the shop go! Every 3 weeks during a launch, we move a couple of styles to the Last Call section in order to make space for new designs. We have a constant rotation of ~100 styles on the shop :) If you want something in the Last Call section, make sure to get is because we won't restock it after it sells out!
We're sorry, but once an item in Last Call sells out, it's gone for good! We do have a buy/sell/trade community on Facebook where you can put your feelers out for a pair that we no longer sell though!
Our hooks usually don't tarnish, but sometimes the oils on your skin get onto the metal, and that oil oxidizes, leaving what looks like a tarnished finish. In reality, this wipes off really easily! If a tissue doesn't do the trick, try some dish soap and make sure to pat dry after!
Some of our material has a very shiny finish and can pick up fingerprints, whereas some other materials are more matte and are much more print-resistant. In the case that your earrings get prints on them, a microfiber is your best bet!

If you broke your earring and want to fix it yourself, the main glue we like to use is called plastic surgery! Use very lightly, as it is very strong and flows very easily, which can cause unwanted glue spots.

If you don't feel comfortable doing your own repair, or if you were unsuccessful at doing do, we can try to help you out! Please email with your address, issue, and order number :)

If your earring jumprings or hooks have become loose and you still have them on hand, they are fairly simple to fix! We use needlenose pliers, but if you don't have that on hand, some tweezers can also do the trick. Just grasp the ring with the tweezers/pliers and bend it back until the loop is closed :)

If this solution is not working, or if you don't feel comfortable making the repair, you can always email us at with your address, issue, and order number, and we can help you out ASAP!

We recommend keeping your earrings away from perfumes, oils, and water, gently wiping the hooks after use, and handling with lots of love! 
Our designs have a range of delicateness - some are very strong and some are a little bit more fine in detail, or have glued pieces, and thus have some points that could potentially break. we recommend handling all items with love and care to make sure that you don't accidentally break them, but if that does happen, we can help you out! Just email with your address, issue, and order number and wee'll help you ASAP :)
Our earrings are hypoallergenic silver-plated or gold-plated brass depending on the design! If you are not comfortable with this metal, you can request surgical steel in the notes section of the cart :)
Most of our charms are made in our studio out of cast acrylic which is then cut with a laser machine! We also occasionally use hardwoods like basswood, walnut, cherry, etc. and other various metals. All materials are specified in our product pages.

We invented the Clothing Rack Earring Hanger® in early 2021, and it has since become a very popular design. There are many vendors that have copied and sold our design online on Etsy, Amazon, Google, Tiktok, Instagram, etc. but we are the first and only designers of the hanger. 

We do not license the digital file for our hanger - those that sell this license have not received our permission and therefore have no right to license the design. 
We understand that the hanger is all over the internet now so this can happen - please feel free to keep it, we just ask that if someone asks you where you got it, you just credit our shop!
The best way to reach us is through an email to! Please try to include as much information as possible in your request (issue, order number, name, etc.)
We answer emails 4-5 days a week, so you should receive a response within 1-2 days! Sometimes non-urgent requests can take longer, for example partnership inquiries or publication requests.
Most of the time the reason a customer doesn't receive a response for a long time is because they sent their request through our customer support page and had a typo in the provided return email. Please make sure to double check that the return email is correct. Otherwise, emails sometimes land in our spam! If you don't receive a response for several days, feel free to send a new one or bump your previous one!
We try to answer DMs but we CANNOT GUARANTEE that we will get to your message! We receive several hundred DMs a week and are backed up in that area, which is why we highly recommend that you email with your issue as we do answer all requests that go to that channel. 
Yes it does! Here is the page - from here you can send an email to our customer support email (
We accept Shop Pay, Paypal, Venmo, GPay, Facebook Pay, and Credit Card!

We offer Shop Pay Installments, which allows you to split their purchase into four equal, interest-free installment payments for orders between 50 and 3,000 USD. There are no additional charges, interest rates, or late fees passed on to customers for these orders.

We only accept payments in USD
Shop Pay is an easy way to checkout super quickly! If you have a Shop Pay account you can autofill all of your information instead of having to manually enter it. Also, all orders made with Shop Pay are carbon neutral :)
If your discount isn't working, the code is either invalid, or it has been used before.
We don't often do sales (~once a year) as we choose to price our earrings as accessibly as we can year-round. If we were to offer more sales, we would have to price our earrings higher on average to compensate.
We don't have a set schedule for sales. Follow our Instagram and join our email list to keep up to date with our shop!
We have done several types of sales in the past. We've done site-wide percentage discounts, discounts on the Last Call section, or BOGO sales. 
If you are logged in while you make an order, you will get 10 Kikay Coins for each dollar spent! Kikay Coins can be redeemed for discount codes using the rewards module on the bottom of the page!
We offer discounts for first time customers that you can win via the website wheel of fortune popup!
We are sorry but we do not make earrings to order and thus do not offer preorders. All of our earrings are premade by hand by the two of us before a launch, and we only stock as much as we were able to make.
We are sorry but we do not do custom commissions! 
We do offer clipons! Designs that are compatible for clipons have an option while adding to cart to choose normal or clipon (no extra charge). If you have other special requests, like lobster clasps or surgical steel hooks, please leave a note in the cart section. 
We are sorry, but the type of metal used on our designs is set because all of our earrings are premade by hand, and switching out the hardware upon request would add too much time to our fulfillment window. 
While we do not do custom commissions, we do have a suggestion box where you can submit an anonymous request! We monitor the suggestion box regularly and ideas often make it to our launches.

Our earrings are priced between $12-$32. This is determined by labor, materials cost, and complexity of the design!

Some bigger items like our earring hangers are in the $40+ range - this is due to more material, shipping, and labor cost!

On each product page there is a form to fill out to get notified when we restock items! We restock most items every 3 weeks.

No! We only send emails for important updates (sales, restocks, collabs).

Our email signup is on the bottom of our website!
No! We only send emails for important updates (sales, restocks, collabs).
Most of our real-time updates happen via Instagram stories! Follow our account to keep up to date :)
Each product page has a button to "Add to wishlist"!
Check your profile page to view your wishlist! Here you can generate unique link to send to others so they know exactly what you like!
We periodically feature artists on our Instagram page and website to show off their bio and work through an initiative called Kikay Creatives!
Our boxes are fully recyclable cardboard!
Our earrings are send in reusable organza bags that can be used for long-term earring storage. We are also working on a send-back program where extra unused organza bags can be sent back to us free of charge!
Our peanuts are corn-based so they are completely recyclable and even dissolve in water!
Instead of using bubble wrap, we use honeycomb paper wrapping which is fully recyclable :)
We source a portion of our material second-hand from makers and suppliers that would have otherwise thrown that material in the trash. Learn more here!
If you check out using Shop Pay, your shipment will be carbon neutral!
We love stacking earrings on our ears! That's why we made this pairings page, so you can see how we would curate our collection :)
Yes they do! We have some of them categorized into aesthetic collections here :)
The Museum is an archive of all of our past designs. We try to update it every couple of months, feel free to browse!
The Mystery Machine is a vintage gumball machine that we've modified to hold our earrings! Each launch we fill the machine with unreleased prototypes, rare styles, and discontinued styles, all of which are very rare. You can purchase a "spin" of our machine for $18 and you'll get a random earring pick in your order! The contents of the machine change every launch and are announced on our Instagram, as well as the mystery machine page.
We have a Facebook group where our Kikay Fam can talk to each other, share photos, participate in giveaways, and trade/sell earrings!
If you are looking to get rid of a pair, or find a rare pair that you can no longer find on the website, the Facebook Group is a good place to look! There you can post your "ISO" list (in search of list) and trade with others to get your hand on rare or discontinued pairs! 
We make custom QR code earrings that can be customized to send to any web address!
Each order comes with 2 unique QR earrings. Scan with your phone to be brought to our website where you will be prompted to login and pair the earring to your account. 

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