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Green Mini Memo Calendar

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Calling all the people who just can't get into regular agendas, this one is for you! 

I designed this calendar system as a way to work around my own ADHD brain and find a way that works for me. I have never been able to use traditional agendas and calendars and found myself super stressed out by missing appointments and important things because of this. This mini memo note calendar system was designed to replace my love of sticky notes in a more organized and environmentally friendly way. Write on them, bring them with you, organize them however you want, pin them to the wall, erase them and start again the next week! We use them all over our house for writing down important dates for our business, grocery lists and homework but the possibilities are endless! The cards are designed to be translucent so that you can see through them and not forget tasks because you cant see them, but the frostiness of the card prevents it from looking too chaotic and messy.

We recommend using wet erase whiteboard pens on these so that you can carry them around with you without risk of smudging what you wrote but dry erase works as well! 

Please note that the note size on these products is SMALL! They were designed to feel similar to sticky notes and not full sized agendas. Each card is 2.5" x 3.25" and is meant to fit easily into your hands

This item comes with protective paper/plastic on it, please peel before using! 

The base of this product is cut on a matte acrylic! Both the green and black bases use a very similar acrylic while the purple is not matte so please note this if you plan on purchasing them together with the purple that they do have different finishes.



Base dimensions: 5"x3.25"

Card Dimensions: 2.5"x3.25"

Comes with: 7 frosted clear cards engraved with the weekly date and a base. DOES NOT COME WITH PENS! 

*All items are handmade so please handle them with care as they may break if dropped or stepped on! As well to keep the metals looking fresh and shiny we recommend keeping them away from lotions or oils and giving them a quick wipe after each use :)

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