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Clothing Rack Earring Hanger 2.0 - Purple Moon

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Introducing the new 2.0 Clothing Rack Earring Hanger!!! This design is a new and improved version of the original Clothing Rack Earring Hangers we launched back in 2021

It's a clothing rack...but for your earrings! These adorable mini clothing rack earring hangers come with 12 hangers to store all your hooks, studs, hoops, clip ons, necklaces, and bracelets!

This new 2.0 version includes several new features, including:
- A slightly larger footprint with a sturdier frame with built in stud compatibility
- Larger, easier-to-use hangers
with built in stud compatibility
- Slightly larger feet for added stability

- Stud, hook, hoop, and clipon compatible!
- Number of Hangers: 12
- Each hanger can hold 1-4 pairs depending on the design for a total storage of 12-48 pairs, not including studs held on the frame! There are 51 stud holes on the frame so depending on the size of the earrings you’re storing you can fit up to 73 pairs total on this set!
- Weight: 2.45oz
- Dimensions: 6.5" H x 6" W



*Earring hangers ship separately from earrings even if both are ordered at the same time!

*Please treat hangers with care! The acrylic may snap if dropped on the floor, stepped/sat on, or bent too aggressively. Also, since feet are not glued to the stand, be very careful when transporting.

*This item comes with a protective masking on one side of the material for added protection during shipping which will need to be peeled off to reveal the beauty of the acrylic - we recommend using tweezers, but your fingernail works in a pinch! There will be a card included in every hanger order with further peeling and care details!  If you have mobility issues and do not feel comfortable peeling the hanger yourself, please leave a note in the cart and we will pre-peel it for you! If Instructions posted here

*This item comes disassembled for easier transport and storage. To assemble them, remove the feet from the bag and slide them into the slots on the base. Once it is standing, remove the hangers from the bag and arrange on the stand how you’d like! The feet do not snap into the base so it can be easily disassembled and stored again if needed but if you’d like to attach them a little dab of glue at the intersection of the feet and base works great :)

*All items are handmade so please handle them with care as they may break if dropped or stepped on! As well to keep the metals looking fresh and shiny we recommend keeping them away from lotions or oils and giving them a quick wipe after each use :)

Product shots are taken on a DSLR camera in front of a ring light and acrylic can look slightly different in different lightings. So to see a photo shot on a phone camera in indirect lighting please see the secondary photo!

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